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Thread: pump too much?

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    my four month old bf around every few hours (alot of comfort nursing) and sometimes at night he will remained latched on throughout the whole night. since i have been back to work, it seems that my ds uses around 4 4-6 oz bottles throughout a 12 hour nightshift. (i leave around 6pm and return home around 7:30 am, nursing right before i leave and as soon as i get home and shower). i did a day shift the other day, and he went thru 7 4-6 oz bottles. (i left around 6 am and returned home around 7:30 pm, nursing right before i left and as soon as i got home). now, i usually try and pump every 2 hours at work, varying between 3 to 6 oz each session, only pump for around 15 min., usually then milk has stopped flowing, try to pump for a few min. after flow stops. i only work 3 days a week, i am just wondering if what i am pumping is normal. i work in hospital, and we have employee pump room with hospital grade pump, and i have medela pis at home if i ever need to pump there. the lc and some of the rns on the floor have made comments that i pump too frequently, if i wait, and i have tried, i am leaking everywhere. the one time my ds was asleep when i left home, so it was like 5 hours since i nursed last, when i pumped i pumped 10 oz at one time. is this normal? i am also going to be doing more daylights, do you think i will have enough milk for them? ds used 7 bottles, and i only pump 6 in a 12 hour shift...never a problem for nightshift when he only uses 4. if i pump every 3 hours instead of every 2, will i still pump the same amount? (ex: instead of 6 4-6oz would i have 4 6-9 oz?)? sorry so long and so many ? also, i had alot of milk back up thru the tubing, that has never happended before. the lc at work suggested i change my valve flap things, i did, and it didn't help? that is the first time that has ever happened. thanks for all advice...

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    WOW! 10 oz in 5 hours..... I am lucky if I get 3 oz in 4 hours! I average about 1.5 oz every hour and that is ONLY if I pump both! I hope one day I will be able to pump 10 oz!!!!

    I am not an expert, but I have been told every person pumps a different amount. I would think that there is no pumping too much and any extra you can freeze for later.... I would also say you need to do what is most comfortable and as long as you are pumping what you child needs, then you are not pumping too much!

    I leak all the time, except from 10:00 PM - 3:00 AM.... not sure why!

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