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Thread: Ok to start then stop solids???

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    Question Ok to start then stop solids???

    I was just wondering if it's ok to start solids for a couple days and then stop giving them?? Seems ok to me, but just wanted some input from some more experienced ladies.

    Here's the story...my lo is about 4 mos. 3 wks. and seemingly ready for solids. Also, I had been encouraged by just about everyone, including doctors, around me to go ahead and start her on rice cereal. So last week I started with a couple tsps. of rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She did really well, you know actually swallowed most and kept grabbing for the spoon like she wanted more. The PROBLEM is that I then came on here and also visited some other breastfeeding websites like kellymom.com and saw to wait till 6 mos. So...I put the rice cereal away. I am just trying to do what's best for my dd and breastfeed for as long as possible!! Is this ok?? Help please!

    ***I should also mention that things are kind of upside down for us right now since hubby left for Iraq at the beginning of the month and we recently moved in with my parents. So, I am trying to keep things as stress-free and normal for her as possible. Just thinking maybe I should delay the solids till things calm down a bit???

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    It is absolutely OK to stop giving her solids. For the first year of life solids are more of a learning thing and less of a survival thing. Your breast milk is all she needs from you. A lot of doctors still push the 4 months thing but you will find most moms feel this is just too early. Some moms wait until 6 months and then start and some moms do a baby led approach and offer solids in pieces of food (not pureed) this can mean the baby is 8 months or even older. It really just depends on what you are comfortable with and which direction you want to take.

    Also, a lot of moms skip the rice cereal all together! Just to give you something else to consider. The reason doctors recommend starting on this is because there is such a low risk of allergy to it. But, it has little to no nutritional value. Is processed with all kinds of added stuff. And can lead to constipation. You can skip it all together, give her the cereal you have, or even make your own. There are lots of options out there.

    Hope this helps some! And thank you so much to your husband and your family for the sacrifices that you make for our country. I pray all will go well and he will return home to you safe and sound in no time!

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    Default Re: Ok to start then stop solids???

    Absolutely OK to wait on the solids!! Do what your instincts lead you to do. You're the parent, and you are the decision-maker. The previous post had some great insight.

    Remember that solids in the first year are really for experimentation. Breastmilk is already a perfect food for your child.


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    Default Re: Ok to start then stop solids???

    With my dd I started and stopped solids too, and then started again. We started rice cereal at 5 1/2 mo., then I backed off on that and didn't try again until 7 mo. Then we were really sporadic until she was 8 1/2 mo, where we got into a good rhythm. It sounds to me like you, and your dd have enough going on right now, (with your husband being deployed and you moving), give the solids a rest until things calm down. As the previous posts have said, all she needs is your bm and love right now anyway.

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