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Thread: Avent Isis iQ-Electric

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    Default Avent Isis iQ-Electric

    Has anyone tried this pump? Avent claims it is the most natural pump you can use and women have gotten excellent results. I understand it operates like the Isis hand pump and then the electric motor takes over.

    I used an Ameda Purely Yours for a year with my son. I suffered from serious supply issues and my pump had to be replaced once becuase the motor wore out. I DO NOT want to stuggle this time like I did before. (22 weeks !!)
    If anyone has any advice-- I am thinking it might be best to rent this time but the rentals pumps are so large and heavy!!!!
    If the new Avent pump is as great as they claim, maybe its worth the money?

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    Hi addiesmom!
    Yes, in my opinion, the Avent ISis IQ is the BEST pump ever! I was using the Medela PIS before and was starting to get really stressed because I was just barely keeping up. So, I decided to try the new Avent. And what a difference! I'm getting extra milk-- enough to freeze and have a back up supply. It is defintely worth the money!!

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    I am an OBGYN resident (my first baby is 11 weeks old now old now-- I went back to work when she was 7 weeks) and I work 12 hour days and I pump with the IQ duo. I get a minimum of 6 ounces total at each pumping session, and that's in 15 minutes. (I don't have time to wait for let down #2 unfortunately...). The nice thing about it too, is that they give you the attachments to convert it to a manual if you don't have electrical access.

    I was at a conference this past Thursday and had to use it manually and I figured I'd probably only get 4 oz total, and I got EIGHT OUNCES!!! I really think the massage cushion is the magic with this pump. For those who have issues with the seal with the cushion, using it a little wet has made the seal tight for me. God Bless you and Good luck, and congratulations on making the best choice for your baby!!

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