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Thread: The biting has begun!

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    Default The biting has begun!

    9 month old DS was sick from fri through sunday with 102-103 temps and did not nurse well during this time. That however did not suprise me since he wasnt feeling good but what did shock me was when he started to bite. Ouch! I mean Ouch he has gotten me real good a couple of times! Hes not running a fever anymore but still isnt feeling good but still biting every now and then. Normally BF is so relaxing for me but i have been so uneasy every time because of the fear of him biting down. Ive been telling him no when he does it but its not working yet!

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    My DS is also 9 months and doing the same thing. When he bites I tell him NO. If he keeps it up I take him off and we are done nursing. He also started biting when he was sick. Hopefully some other mommies will have some good advice.
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    I agree with the PP saying no in a firm voice and taking him off should work, it just takes consistancy.

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