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    Hi - I plan to exclusively BF until my son is 12 months old. Now, after about 5 hours without nursing, my breasts become very uncomfortable (Therefore I pump). As he gets older and starts sleeping 8 hours straight every night, will I still need to pump in order to maintain my supply? or will my breasts adjust to the longer stretch of time without nursing? and thus 8 hours without nursing will NOT decrease my supply? I am so paranoid about my milk supply decreasing... Thank you.

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    Yep, your breasts eventually adjust. If you ebf, it is really unlikely that you wouldn't have enough supply. If you work and pump regularly, it does become a bit trickier, but is still doable. You can actually end up with over supply if you are pumping extra, so unless you are trying to build a freezer stash, just take off enough to be comfortable. BTW, it may be a VERY long time before he goes 8 hours w/o nursing. My lo is 14 mo and still doesn't go that long.

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