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Thread: Is it Over?

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    Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply.

    The first LC I spoke with back when this problem started (approx. 5 weeks ago) said that it sounded like a bottle preferance and ALSO suggested that I try to increase my supply so that it would *come out quicker* and cause less frustration for Gianna. . . . She had me drinking 32oz 4x a day and consuming 3000 calories, and of course, 'putting baby to the breast often.' She also said that because I have never felt let down in the 'normal manner' (I feel it in my back), never leaked a drop, and never sprayed when Gianna became detached that she was almost sure that I was in short supply.

    I did as she said, took away all bottles for a good two weeks and we did see some progress, but then the fussiness started again, out of no where (not prompted by a few days of a lot of bottles or anything). So that got me thinking that it was, in fact, an issue of not producing enough.

    There was a few days where she just wouldn't nurse at all (thursday, March 23 and FRiday, March 24). By Friday, I had to give her something cause she still wouldn't nurse, so she had bottles all day that day and then nursed great the entire weekend (March 25-26), no problems, no fuss. Come Monday, won't nurse again! I don't understand this . . .

    Tuesday (March 28) is when I saw the LC and she weighed her before/after a feeding and found she had taken in 2 oz. I should mention though, that she had not had ANYTHING since 5am, nor had I pumped or nursed, and she was screaming the entire way there in the car and was exhausted and starving by the time we got there. So she nursed.

    Her birth weight on January 10 was 6:14.
    When we left the hospital on January 12, it was 6:9
    A week later it was 7:1
    One month: 8:14
    almost three months 10:2

    This is more than I had gained during this timeline as a baby and I was formula fed. (my mom is more organized than me and managed to pull up my records from when I was a baby!) I should also mention that I am 5"1 and 130 pounds . . . Husband is almost 6 feet of lean muscle.

    I was never really worried about her gaining/not gaining and really never thought that I had a supply problem (I ignorantly didn't even realize that could be a potential problem, I mean, how else would the human race ever thrived if mothers commonly didn't produce enough milk? It goes against nature . . .that's how I had been looking at it!), but it was just that the fussiness seemed to come OUT OF NOWHERE, and so that is where this notion of low supply came from. My Dr. has been satisfied with her gains (and yes, he used the same scale, around the same time of day. Not exact time, but almost).

    Thanks so much!

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    Lisa, if your baby has been gaining adequately (sounds like it if your doctor wasn't concerned) then the issue probably wasn't supply-related. However, you know your baby best and LLL believes that every mother is an expert on her own baby You sound like a very motivated mother and I'm sure that you'll overcome this obstacle very soon. Please keep us posted on your progress!

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