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Thread: Vitamin D supplement

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    Default Vitamin D supplement

    I hope I'm not the only one in this boat. I have not been dilligent in giving my
    EBF son this drops of vitamin D. We live in Canada, its winter now, so we're not out basking inthe sun, but I do walk him almost every day, and he gets some sun on himself. Just wondering if I am doing harm by not giving it to him that often.?

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    Question Re: Vitamin D supplement

    i was not told to give ds vitamin d, is that bad?
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    Default Re: Vitamin D supplement

    No one said anything at all about supplementation with ds #1, but they did with ds#2...my first son had no problems, so I was not very diligent about giving the vitamins to ds#2. I finally stopped giving them to him. I believe there are some articles about supplementation on here somewhere. It's debatable whether or not it's really necessary.


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    Default Re: Vitamin D supplement

    I know its recommended here because even outside in the winter we get very little direct sunlight. Its probably not a huge issue and we're heading into summer now. I wet through the same thing, I just tried to give them a bit more often and during the summer because we were out often would only give him them once a week as a precaution.

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