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Thread: Too sleepy to eat, too hungry to sleep

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    Default Too sleepy to eat, too hungry to sleep

    My LO is four weeks old. Sometimes at night she gets into a pattern of falling asleep at the breast after only 5 minutes. Then she'll sleep for half an hour and wake hungry. But after afew minutes, she's had just enough to put her to sleep.

    Last night I was up with her once an hour until i finally gave her pumped milk in a bottle. She ate and slept...finally.

    Any suggestions for other solutions. I try everything to wake her, but she sleeps deeply.


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    Default Re: Too sleepy to eat, too hungry to sleep

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Congrats on your newborn.

    For a sleepy baby, I usually try rubbing his feet, massaging his back, changing his nappy, rubbing his ears.

    And also, sometimes a baby falls asleep when the milk does not flow quick enough. In which case, breast compression helps.
    You can find a useful article titled "Breast Compression" at Dr Jack Newman's website here: http://www.thebirthden.com/Newman.html
    There is also a video there which shows a baby's eyes opening the moment he starts drinking!

    Caylen Koen Chew (25/05/06)
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