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Thread: Nursing only on one breast, the other has "died?"

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    Default Re: Nursing only on one breast, the other has "died?"

    My first thought was to make sure you both don't have thrush. I experienced cracked, bleeding nipples when my second baby was only 3 weeks old and on top of all that we had thrush. It was extremely painful and there were many times I wanted to quit. I would cry and swear silently when I nursed I was in so much pain. Using Lansinoh and taking baths and walking around with no shirt helped a lot to aid the healing and then obviously using thrush medicine, which you can get over the counter. We made it through that though and we are going on 7 months. I know it's hard but I also found it helpful to try and limit nursing to about 10 minutes, just so my breast was getting emptied or at least partly but still allowing it some healing time. Fortunately for me my baby tends to eat quickly so it didn't seem to be too much of problem. hang in there. I thought my nipples would never heal, but they did.

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    Default Re: Nursing only on one breast, the other has "died?"

    While we are discussing only one good working breast, I have a question. I have the same problem. I have some built up scar tissue in my left breast and nipple that has made it nearly impossible to get ANYTHING out of it. When I pump, not after a feeding mind you, I am lucky if I get even an ounce. It's very sad. I try to nurse my DD on the bad breast every feeding no matter what because I know that baby gets more than the pump does. But she harly swallows and not for very long at all. So my right breast is pretty much the sole supplier.

    Now, here comes my problem. Because I only get a good supply from my right breast, I pump it after the feedings to try and keep my milk supply up. Then all of a sudden, my DD started to choke, gag, and spit up a ton while feeding. I could tell she was gulping, trying to keep up with the amount of milk coming out. So, before I found out about OALD, I started to just pump it and give her a bottle, unless I wasn't very full and she wanted to comfort nurse. We've been doing that for about a week. She would scream and cry if I tried to put her to the breast.

    I'm sorry this is so long. I'm getting to the point. I've been noticing that she is taking more per bottle now. (Usually about 3-4 ounces, sometimes a little more.) And I usually only get about that per pump session, which I try to do every 3 hours. I am terrified that she is going to want more and I won't have anything either pumped or in my breast to give to her, being that I only really have one to work with. Please please please tell me what I can do to ensure she will always have enough! I am TERRIFIED of having to suppliment with formula. She is never happy after a formula bottle, and I do not want to have turn to that. Please tell me what I can do to make sure I keep my supply up to fulfill her needs.

    Thank you and again, I am so sorry this was so long, but I am really worried. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Nursing only on one breast, the other has "died?"

    Hi Andi,

    I am so glad you found the source of your problem. That is such good news! Kudos to you for sticking through it and not giving up. Your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother.


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