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Thread: Disposable Similac Orthodontic Nipples

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    Question Disposable Similac Orthodontic Nipples

    Why are these disposable one time use only: they appear very similar to non-disposable latex nipples?

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    I think the main reason would be that they are typically used in a healthcare setting and they come pre-sterilized and ready to use and then they are just tossed after being used so they don't have to be cleaned or sterilized again. You just open a new one next time. Can't you just see the nurses standing at the sink with the nipple brush and soap cleaning nipples I don't know of a reason why you could't reuse them if using them at home.

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    We reused ours and had no problems. Our doc said that it would be fine as long as they were cleaned. Though our LO wasn't premie so I'm not sure if it's any different or not. They do have smaller soothie bottle nipples for sale at walmart that fit into the rings though, you get a 3 pack for a couple dollars.

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    I saved a bunch of them, and didnt have any problems with them as of yet..Plus theyre what mine was used to pre breastfeeding..He doesnt want any other kind.

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