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Thread: Need suggestions for Finicky Nurser

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    Question Need suggestions for Finicky Nurser

    I have a 2 year old daughter and a 7 month old daughter. The trouble I am running into is that my 7 month old is being extremely fussy about how and where she nurses, which is in a dark room with the door closed.

    As you might imagine, this does not work very well with my 2 year old....

    ***Backstory, not certain how relevant...***

    We have had a gambit of troubles with the babe. It started when was only a few weeks old and would scream until she passed out, wake up 45 minutes later at the most and start screaming again..all day and night... She had no fever and her bloodwork was normal; therefor, we kept getting sent home from the emergency room (which is 45 minutes away from where we live),
    with some suggestions on dealing with colic (including putting her on a barbituate called Donnatol which caused problems with stooling, that's another story...)....
    This just did not sit right with us and on our sixth trip we finally insisted they check us in and run some tests. Finally, they discovered that she had urinary reflux and recurring urinary tract infections.

    As a result, she was on Sulfatrim for 4 months to help prevent infection and to keep her kidneys from being damaged. This in turn caused several pretty nasty thrush outbreaks which caused some real problems with nursing. She lost 1 1/2 pounds when she was 4 months old because she would flat out refuse to nurse. I finally got her back on track for about a month, but now I am having the finicky nursing problem.... (Back to my original problem.. lol)


    She has started solids but due to her having stooling problems I am trying to take it easy with them.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for Finicky Nurser


    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions but I wanted to share that my DS is the same age and we're going through the same thing. It started out a bit gradual, first he couldn't nurse with any background noise (tv, radio), then he only wanted to nurse in our bedroom, now he will only nurse side-lying in our bedroom, and occasionally it has to be dark which is very hard to accomplish during the day.

    I'm seriously worried about the next time I have to feed him in public, I really think he'd refuse so I keep avoiding it. I read somewhere (I think Kellymom) to get them going then switch to the cradle hold or something else you used to do when they are less likely to refuse.

    There's another long thread about this for other mommies going through the same thing. It seems normal, though not fun, I keep taking it to heart too much. My son just wants to twist, wiggle, and pull the entire time he's nursing. If I cradle hold him to get ready to latch him on, he loses it. He was also a very high need baby, that tapered off around 5/6 months. He's never been a big comfort nurser either.

    Here are some links about the topic:



    Here's a link to the other thread:

    HTH, just hang in there and hopefully your 'finicky' LO will come back around. I'm still waiting on mine too

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    Default Re: Need suggestions for Finicky Nurser

    Thanks a ton. There is some really good information in those links! I will keep trying.

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    at nap time I would make sure that the baby got a good feed both before and after a nap,
    Does baby get up alot at night to nurse?
    sometimes they will reverse cycle at night and you don't even know it if your co-sleeping.
    Do you co-sleep with baby? that might help her get a few good feeds in while sis is sleeping.
    It is hard when they are close in age like that! My last two were and I was so hard!

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    Generally, I nurse her as much as she will do before and after a nap. At least, until my toddler bangs on the bedroom door looking for me, which makes the babe come wide awake and makes me have to start the whole process again... *sigh*

    We do co-sleep and she nurses a fair bit. It's amazing how much room a 7month old takes up at night!! Between her and my hubby, I get only about a foot of room in our queen-sized bed! lol

    For the most part she is still finicky about where she nurses; however, she actually nursed today in the livingroom with her sister present!!! *hope hope*

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