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Thread: losing my milk

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    help! my baby is almost a year (in 2 weeks). i have been nursing mornings and evenings only for quite a while with no problems, but i just went away for business for three nights, got the stomach flu while gone, and seem to have lost most of my supply. what should i do? at a year, can i trust that my baby will get what he needs, even if i only nurse him morning and evening? i can't and won't nurse him more frequenlty during hte day, but i really wanted to keep those two sessions. any advice?

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    To increase the supply back up first make sure you are not dehydrated-if you were sick in all likelyhood you are...You can pump a couple times extra if you are only nursing 2x a day. Make sure you are having a good letdown each time....if you are having a hard time...first thing is to find ways to relax before you pump/nurse. You can apply warm washcloths and massage prior to....but best of all, if you can get your LO to help you out and nurse more frequently...it will help! Have faith...your milk does not just "go away", you can bring it back up! Good luck
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