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    DD is 7 months old and the past two days she hasn't wanted to eat. DCP said yesterday she was super sleepy and just wanted to sleep, she only ate 1/2 oz bannanas and 2 5 oz ebm bottles. Usually she has 1 oz jar food and 3 5 oz ebm bottles. When I got her home she was still being very sleepy and didn' want to eat or play. I just got off the phone with DCP and they said this morning she refused her peaches and only drank 1 oz ebm and they had to throw out the other 4oz. She has been running a slight temp for the past several days (nothing over 100.4F) and I took her to the dr Friday but left before he examined her (bad dr, told me to stop bf but thats another post in itself) and I can't take her to her regular pedi until the 1st (insurance got all screwed up). I am taking an extended lunch break today to go nurse her at dc but am getting concerned that she seems to have lost all interest indoing anything other than sleeping. Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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    It sounds like she's just feeling a bit under the weather and perhaps has or is coming down with some sort of illness. I'd just offer to nurse her as often as you can and hopefully this will pass quickly.

    I hope she starts to feel better soon!

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