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Thread: When to change nipple levels?

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    Default When to change nipple levels?

    My LO is 4 months old and I use Dr. Brown's bottles for my EBM. She is still using level 1 nipples. Do I need to/how do I know when to move her up to level 2 nipples (Dr. Brown's site says level 2 are appropriate for infants 3 months +)? Thanks.

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    Default Re: When to change nipple levels?

    My LO is almost 8 mo and still uses the Avent "newborn" nipples. Since he can suck down 5oz in 10min or less from a bottle (when he's hungry) I figure I'll keep him on the newborn nipples until he weans from the bottle.

    If your LO is also nursing, you don't want to make the bottle experience too easy.

    On the Avent website it says:

    "If you are alternating bottle feeding with breastfeeding, the Newborn Flow Rate is the most consistent with your natural breastfeeding flow. A faster flow rate than 2 is not recommended for breastfed babies"
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    Default Re: When to change nipple levels?

    We were wondering the same thing. My DS is 3 1/2 months and still using the Avent newborn nipples. Whenever we try the stage 2, he chokes on it. We figure since we are still BF that the newborn ones are the best because he can control how much comes out and has to suck to get it going. Don't want the bottle to be too easy for him

    Thanks for the info from the Avent website.

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    Default Re: When to change nipple levels?

    We use both 1 and 2 Avents. If DD is super hungry a 1 just frustrates her though.....

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    We use the Dr. Brown's and my son is 8 months old, we just bumped him up to a #2, and even a package of #3 waiting in the wings. In hindsight we probably should have done it a long time ago but I was afraid to. He's never been great with the bottle, he was obvoiusly starting to get really frustrated with the #1. In two days he went from fighting to take in 2 1/2 ounces and just quiting to happily taking 5 ounces.

    You know, everything I read says to stay at the lowest level, but and LC told me a while back that it really is pretty individual. If the baby has to switch hit and use a bottle and nurse from mom, you should try to match things up, that's my opinion and others may disagree. Some people say to keep as slow as possible so the baby doesn't start to prefer the bottle, but in my case I have a much, much faster flow and let down just as easily as the bottle. I have problems with oversupply and a super fast let down. So, it can frustrate the heck out of my LO if the milk is slow in the bottle. Each brand of bottle is different too, if you have them just try them out. You'd be surprised. We tried Avent, and I could suck every drop of water out of that thing in about 30 seconds, Dr. Brown's it hurt and wore my mouth out just to get a bit.

    Try it out and see how your LO does, a little experimentation doesn't hurt

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