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Thread: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

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    Default Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    Interesting question.
    When pregnant with my dd, I decided I would nurse for 4 to 6 months, not thinking (or knowing) what she would need after that. Of course I learned more after she was born...we got to six months, so I aimed for a year. At a year, she still seemed so babyish in many ways and loved to nurse (and it was how we reconnected when I got home from work). Then we got to 18 months and I quit worrying about it....good thing, too, because she finally weaned completely at 6.5 years! I never dreamed I would be nursing a child that long, but I wouldn't change anything! I did find it interesting that the spring after dd weaned completely, she started having problems with hayfever allergies. I guess even the 10 seconds of nursing once every 3 months (her pattern for the last year or so that she nursed) was still protective for the allergies.

    Ds is now 3.5 years old and still loves to nurse. I know he'll wean eventually so I rarely even think about it. We're at what I consider the really fun stage of nursing-- we might nurse once or twice in 24 hours or 10 times in 24 hours, and we can both be happy and comfortable (physically--not engorged) about it.

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    Default Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    I don't have a "set" limit. I'm thinking I might like to be done bf ds1 shortly after he turns 3 (he is 2 1/2 now), but that's not set in stone. I'm committed to gentle weaning, but not necessarily child-led. Nursing is a 2-way relationship.

    I'm keeping my options open, I guess! That's how I approached bf during pg; I gave myself "permission" to wean or night wean if it got too painful or difficult (I'd gone through a really rough patch of very painful nursing when ds was around a year old, and dreaded it happening again). I ended up not doing neither, and ds1 magically started sleeping through the night just before the baby was born. So, since I've now given myself permission to start weaning at 3, I'll probably still be nursing when he starts school, lol!

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