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Thread: did you PLAN to nurse past 1 year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by epbrown View Post
    Hey Jolie!

    While I do agree with this, it sometimes seems that this attitude compromises the stance of LLL that you stated above:

    I guess that's the point I wanted to get across. I do believe that if I had thought it was required that once I started nursing I had to continue, I might never have started. I only wish that it was normalized, and that it was expected by society. Does that make any sense at all?
    Edit to add: I wrote the post below *before* reading page 4 of this thread, so excuse the redundancy. But it's all here, FWIW!

    This discussion has been interesting to follow. I'd like to add in a few thoughts. There is an article that LLLI has online that discusses the use of the word "ideally" in that particular LLLI concept statement. This indicates that it is not a requirement for "proper breastfeeding management", but something that is very beneficial to mother and child, if it fits their need. Here's an article that makes some interesting points about what is and is not actual LLL philosophy.

    Another Leader just posted about the varying needs of her own children, and I think that shows that age can be a consideration, but it really is based on what mother and child are ready for. Some babies wean before others, but the point is that the child and mother were allowed time to gradually move out of that part of their relationship to something else.

    I am wondering, Erin, what your feelings are about receiving support through other mothers attending LLL meetings/on these forums to continue on nursing? How have the messages from other mothers here affected your decision to continue nursing past one year? Is there a form of support from Leaders and/or mothers that you would like to see, specifically relating to extended nursing?

    I think I can share your feelings of disappointment that society at large is uneducated and unsupportive of breastfeeding past a "certain age". As a mother, I came here to these forums for support with extended breastfeeding because I felt alone at times, even in the local LLL groups near me. It can be very reassuring to know one is not alone in their choices, and for many mothers, this bolsters their confidence about their decisions.

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