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Thread: i'm down to almost nothing ..help?

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    Default i'm down to almost nothing ..help?

    i ordered some of the more milk plus to try it.. worth a shot! have any of you had any luck with it? i have tried fenugreek capsules and they worked ok.

    i'm down to almost nothing i think.. i'm still nursing at least once a day ..ususllly at night but am probably only making about 1oz 1.5 at the most

    I want to up my supply to try to either EBF or as much as i can either nursing or pumping. depending on what i can make. My LO is having a real hard time with formulas. her sister has a severe diary allergy so i'm thinking food allergys might be part of it. we have tried soy and alimentum ( we just went from soy back to alimentum today) on both all she does is scream and constatly puke it up ( she has acid refulx too) she is on 2 types of meds and nothing seems to work. when i am able to pump a bottle she does so much better with it.. no screaming and hardly any vomiting back up.

    we just went to the GI doc and she wants to put her on elecare or neocate.. our insurance refuses to pay for it and it woudl cost us about $600 a month.. i love my DD and want to help her feel better but we just can't afford that! so i think trying to increase my supply to give her as much BM as i can is worth a shot.

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    Default Re: i'm down to almost nothing ..help?

    If you really want to get back to nursing, it would help if you nursed as often as you can. What I did, when I was having supply issues and needed to supplement, was nurse, and then give an ounce or two of formula. I tried to nurse every 2-3 hours. I tried to only give an ounce or two of formula because I didn't want the baby to fill up so much that she wouldn't want to nurse for several hours. It was very time consuming. But, if no milk is being removed, no milk is being made. So, it helps to have baby requesting milk as often as she can. After a while of doing that, you can start trying to slowly wean from the supplement.

    I know it's hard. But, it can be done. Nurse as much as you can. Pump as often as you can on top of that. That's really the best way to get your supply back.

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    Default Re: i'm down to almost nothing ..help?

    Have you read the sticky at the top of this forum? It has a lot of great ideas to help you get your supply back. Do you have a local LLL leader or IBCLC you can consult with?

    Giving baby lots of skin to skin contact can be a great way to build your milk supply and encourage a reluctant baby to nurse. Hold baby close to you wearing only a diaper, with you wearing an open shirt without a bra. Put a blanket over both of you to keep warm if necessary. Having baby close like this boosts your prolactin production and can help build your milk supply. Other similar ideas include carrying baby frequently in a sling, bringing baby to bed with you to nurse and snuggle at night, and taking a warm bath or shower with baby.

    I see that your baby is nursing once per day. Does she latch on well? If she readily latches onto the breast, the best thing you can do to increase your supply is to encourage her to nurse as often as possible. Put others in charge of your regular household tasks, take LO to bed with you, and just nurse, nurse, nurse. While she nurses, try to take note of her sucking and swallowing. Sucking and swallowing are a sign that baby is getting milk. When you see the sucking and swallowing slow down, you can do a breast compression. Hold your breast in a cupped hand and gently squeeze. This can increase the flow of milk to your baby, and hopefully she will start to actively nurse again. Do this as long as your baby is willing. When she stops or falls asleep, offer the other breast and repeat the process.

    It will take some time, but if you keep at it, you will be able to gradually reduce the amount of formula your daughter needs. Keep us posted on how you are doing. You really are doing a great job, mama!

    Hang in there,


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    Default Try the Lact-Aid

    Try the Lact-Aid, it's much better than pumping and you get to feed at the same time. If you have any questions about it, email me.

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    Default Re: i'm down to almost nothing ..help?

    If your baby is latching to nurse, I would just try and nurse as much as possible to get the supply up. You would have to aim for as many sessions as possible to get the supply up to where it needs to be. Beware though of the Lact-Aid or SNS. This can cause nipple confusion just as much as a bottle. I did not have proper guidance with this in the beginning and my babies got hooked on it and it caused my supply to take a dive. It just allow for the same kind of suckling as just the breast alone. It can really mess the bf relationship if baby does not suck correctly due to the aid. I had a full supply which got wiped out with the SNS. If you do need to supplement, then after nursing slip in the tube. If you need any help, just write and I will be happy to help. I wish you well!
    Mama to 2 wonderful girls (nursed 3 yrs.) and twin boys born 12/30/05 (stuck on the SNS due to pallate issues discovered very late) Thankful though that at least at the breast.

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