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    My DD is 14 months old.She is taking cows milk during day time and nurses during the night.She is always a snacker.She nurses about evry 3 hours in night.we cosleep and now I feel I need to do something to lengthen time between feedings.I know she is not just comfort nursing.She is really hungry.During day time she drinks around 4-6oz of cows milk.So my question is there is any way I can make her drink more milk during day and lengthen the time between feeding during night.I feel as she gets older she may need to drink more milk during day.Anyone has any suggestion ?
    Basically I feel she does all her eating only during night...


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    I remember reading in various sleep books that if your baby is use to eating during the night they really are hungry -- our bodies are trained to be hungry at times we're use to eating. Now, of course the book recommended that bottle fed babies have their nightime feedings diluted. It recommended reducing the amount of time breastfeed babies were on the breast - easier said than done. To night wean my babies I had to get them out of the bed. I think it becomes a cycle. They're not in bed smelling all that yummy milk so they nurse less then they wake up hungry in the morning and eat more during the day so are less hungry at night time.


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