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Thread: Pumping Exclusively-Sore Lump

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    Wink Pumping Exclusively-Sore Lump

    I am pumping exclusively for my 2 month old son, and did the same for my daughter. Well, a few weeks ago my husband ran over my Medela Pump In Style with the car!!! Luckily the whole thing pulled through except for my flanges, so I went to buy new ones. I got them in a 30mm because it seemed like my 27's were making my nipples swollen at times. Now I have been using these 30mm's for a few weeks and my left areola has a big red lump on it. It does not seem like a clogged duct though. You know those tiny little red bumps that are naturally around the nipple, on the areola? Well it looks like one of those has been rubbed raw and the whole area around it is swollen to the size of a small grape. It is very painful, and shooting, burning sensations through my whole breast, and down my left arm are making it very uncomfortable. I have tried lanolin. Could it be that the flanges are too large? Please help, I am in pain. Also, I pump 8-9 times a day and get a ton of milk. With each pumping I get approx. 6-7 ozs. so as you can imagine my freezer looks like a dairy farm. I realize that fresh milk is better for the baby so I give him fresh most of the day and then try to use up 6 ozs a day of frozen. My question is this, can I lower the amount of times I pump per day or is this a bad idea? I would hate to lower my milk supply too much and not be able to keep up with my son's eating habits. If I do try to lower the number of pumping times in a day, and the milk supply is inadequate, will my supply go back up if I resume the 8-9 times per day schedule?

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    here some links about breast being sore:


    sorry your pump got run over, it got me thinking about the time I told one of my friends to put her bike under the car so that she could get a new bike..
    she got caught and I got in trouble for telling her to do it. lol....
    I would think that you could slowly try and drop a pumping session, I don't have a whole lot of experiance with that.
    good luck
    hope you are fealing beter soon!

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    Personally, I would wait a month to reduce pumping sessions The ex\p'ing moms I know agree that frequent pumping in the first 12 weeks will help you have a good supply later, when milk production switches from hormonally-driven to supply-demand driven. I pumped every 2 hours for the first 12 weeks and have reduced slowly, now pumping 6 times/day for my 7 month old. However, I don't think this theory is scientifically proven or anything! Your body may be different and not need as much stimulation. As an EP'er who had lots of trouble establishing a supply, I'm very cautious.

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