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Thread: constipated...please help

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    thanks dorothy.

    you bring up a good point. what is regular anyways? some say that when they start solids, it's supposed to be everyday but i don't think my daughter is that regular. what's the "normal" range when babies start solids? pre-solid days, my daughter was one of those who went once a week, sometimes even longer in between.

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    When I first started my son on solids and he had constipation, he was going only once every 5 days. It was painful, there were streaks of blood on the outside of his pellet-like stools, and he cried.

    After that bout, we cut down on solids and he had a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days.

    When we reintroduced solids, we made sure to give him fruits and water everyday, and now he has a bowel movement everyday.
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