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    My 16 month old nurses about 6 times during day plus throughout the night. She used to eat everything and anything; now the list of things she will eat is getting shorter and shorter. For breakfast she will have oatmeal or hot cereal with soy milk. Beyond that, all she wants to eat is cheese and turkey cold cuts. I can get her to eat the random banana and applesauce with yogurt but that is about it. I continue to offer her other things but she generally refuses (yesterday she did eat some black beans which was quite exciting). Can she eat too much cheese and at what point should I be concerned about the lack of vegetables?
    Any insight would be helpful.

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    I'd be concerned about loading her up with saturated fats. The veggies are probably only going to be an issue if the lack of fiber causes constipation.

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    Hi fenrisgeist,
    Toddlers sure do like to amaze us with their individuality when it comes to food!
    I've pulled together a few resources that talk about toddlers and "selective" eating habits . You might be able to find the book mentioned below for borrowing from your local LLL Group's library.
    Hope there's something in here that helps.

    From LLL:
    Book Review: MY CHILD WON'T EAT!
    Children's Eating Problems
    Fun Foods for Babies and Toddlers
    Living on Air?
    A Slow Start to Solids
    And this one, not an LLL site:
    Nutrition for Nursing Toddlers

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    Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters. The only problem I've experienced with too much cheese is constipation, but if your lo is still nursing a bunch that's unlikely to be a problem. Mine have always loved cheese but I hesitate because I figure their getting plenty of dairy with the bm.

    My 5 year old would not touch a piece of fruit to his mouth (except bananas) until he was nearly 3 -- no matter how much I offered them he wouldn't even try them. The kid wouln't even eat watermellon! I didn't make it a battle because I knew I couldn't force him to eat it and it has gradually dawned on him that fruit is yummy. My point is that as your lo grows up a little she'll eventually eat more. I've tried not to remain emotionally neutral about food so that they don't get the idea that their not suppose to like certain things -- I think saying you have to eat your vegies puts them in a negative light.

    Also remember because she's breastfeeding she's benefiting from your healthy diet!


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