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Thread: waiting until 6 months

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    Default waiting until 6 months

    so. ive tried rice cereal twice (not enough to "get used to it ", im sure) but he only ate, like, a teaspoon. anyway. i think i do, in fact, want to wait until closer to 6 mo. my question is this: can i skip the rice cereal all together? i mean, i wouldnt want to eat it, kwim? can i start by giving him some baked, mashed up sweet potatoe or something? or do they have to start with some kind of cereal? i still have about another month or so before i even go there.....but im just wondering.
    thank you, thank you
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    Default Re: waiting until 6 months

    I've read some books that say that YES you can skip the whole rice cereal phase and try to start with mashed banana mixed with EBM or even avacado. I'm still a month away from starting solids, but I think that's where I'll start.

    If I'm right, I believe Dr. Sears gave the advice on mashed banana and avacado.

    hope that helps!

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    Cool Re: waiting until 6 months

    I Give DS some rice cereal in one bottle for Daycare :-) and thats about it. DS is now 5 months and 3 weeks we've been doing this for a while now.. maybe since mid Feb.

    Personally I really didn't want to start it until he was actually 6 mo. but everyone just kept telling me that I should already have started him on it. I just wanted to scream out *no when WE are ready WE will start it.

    so if you do want to hold off on it Stand your ground!!!!!


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    Default Re: waiting until 6 months

    A lot of us skip rice cereal altogether. It's not a reccomended LLL list 1st food. (Which you can find out on the website). It's highly processed and has very little nutritional value other than the iron they add to it. So that's long for YES it can totally be skipped. Foods that are high in iron that you may enjoy playing with, watemelon, (My son's 1st food and actually a daily staple for most of last summer) and spinach which he loves in all forms. Also when he hes a little older bean. Good luck!

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