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Thread: baby too sleepy

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    My daughter Kaitlin is almost one month old. For the past week we have both had a little cold and I got used to her feeding constantly (crying for more less than one hour from last feeding but not latching on for long) Last night she slept from 11:30 until I woke her up at 6 am!!! Then she ate, but spit some back up. All day she wont do anything but sleep. I havent had one poopy diaper and am used to having at least 4 by now. I am waking her and trying to feed her every 2 hours but she wont latch on for more than a few sucks and then goes to sleep. I am trying to stay calm as she has already been to the doctor twice for just a cold and they made me feel like an idiot. Maybe she is getting over her cold???
    What can I do to make her wake up and eat or should I just let her sleep, and for how long? How can I tell if she is getting dehydrated from not eating enough? Anyways, thanks, I do tend to worry about her a lot, I think I may be too worried for no reason, I hope nothing is wrong at least!

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    How are things today? Is she nursing better?
    It could very well be that she is trying to get over her cold by sleeping, but if you're really concerned, please trust your mother instict and call the doctor!

    Symptoms of deydration:

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