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    My daughter is almost 11 months and refuses anything but the breast. I have been introducing foods to her since she was 6 months, but to no avail. She seems to only like corn, but she just sucks on it and doesn't eat it. I have tried applesauce, baby food, banana, green beans, rice cereal, potato, etc. She doesn't like spoons and clenches her mouth shut when I try. She usually will taste something if it is from my finger, but won't eat more than a lick or two. I have heard it takes 15-20 tries to get a baby to eat, but I have been trying for 5 months with no success. I also tried to introduce many bottles, but she wouldn't drink breastmilk from any of them. The sippy cup has been introduced, but she will not drink from it. Any suggestions is appreciated-I need new ideas

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    it normal for some kids! They just don't eat much before they are 2.
    check out this book

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    I am having some similar problems, although my LO will take bottles. She is 8 1/2 months and we give her all dorts of foods to eat. She just licks on everything and never really eats. Very frustrating.

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    You are concerned because everything you read says that babies should start eating solids at 6 months, and so you are thinking that by 8 1/2 or 12 months that your child should be well on her/his way! But this is certainly not always the case and there is a wide range of normal for when a baby is ready to eat solids.

    The book that Andrea suggested is a wonderful resource for moms struggling with solids issues. Here is a review of it:


    Many babies will naturally delay solids as a self-protection against allergies.


    Many experts suggest delaying solids until 6 months of age and many babies will be developmentally ready for solids between 6 and 9 months of age, and some even later. So, 8 1/2 months is still well-within the range of normal. Anecdotally, many babies aren't interested in solids until well past a year of age. This is also very normal.


    I would suggest going slowly with offering solids. Every week you can try again and again. You will know when baby is ready, because it will just happen. Until then, enjoy the ease of traveling with a still-exclusively BF baby!

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    My DS also didn't (and doesn't now) want anything to do with foods that are spoon fed to him, and never took a bottle more than a handful of times. We found that he was more interested if he could just feed himself. We started him on some baby-friendly cubes of food that he could pick up and feed himself: cheerios, Gerber fruit/veggie puffs, bananas, toast, etc. Avocados are also an excellent place to start. Try not to get discouraged. I'm sure it seems like your child will never want to eat solids, but one day it'll just click.

    As for the bottle/sippy issue, keep trying. My twins didn't want anything to do with sippies until they were about 18 months old, and we tried them all. I have heard some people have better luck with the straw cups. I'm sure it's frustrating, but hang in there! Things will change rapidly, you'll see!


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