Hi there,

So my little guy completely out of the blue started refusing solids around Monday - so about 4 days now. I am curious as to if anyone else has gone through this? He is a very picky nurser (will only nurse while asleep), so unlike most other babies out there we unfortunately rely a little on the extra calories he gets from solids. He has never and still won't eat any finger foods. In fact, he won't put any food inside his mouth at all, so I don't think its a matter of him suddenly wanting to feed himself. THere are ALWAYS o's and teething biscuits on his tray in the hopes that one day he'll put something in his mouth but he never will (I PRAY he doesn't have an oral aversion and that he will grow out of this - we have had enough problems with nursing to last us a lifetime of eating problems).

I just can't seem to come up with a possible 'cause' of his sudden refusal- he hasn't gotten any new foods, he doesn't seem to be sick, he hasn't gagged on anything etc etc. He won't even eat yogurt which he would eat by the gallon in the past if I let him.

So up until this week he has been improving daily on the amount of solids he was eating... up to about 8-10oz of food a day, and he was loving it! I was so happy b/c of all of our nursing problems and Dr. Newman even told me to feed him as much solids as he will take (without forcing of course).

So any ideas? Is this a normal stage? I am hoping he will just suddenly start eating solids again as quickly as he stopped eating them. I also don't know whether I should stop offering them right now while he so obviously doesn't want them - I don't want to tick him off any more than he already is. Should I stop for a few days? I'm afraid if I stop offering them that he won't want them even more if I try again like he does with nursing. (let me say this again, i have the world's most pickiest frustrating eater/nurser).

Any suggestions?