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Thread: sick baby having trouble nursing

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    Default sick baby having trouble nursing

    My son is 8 weeks and has a cold with some pretty intense congestion. He is having a very hard time nursing even after suctioning his nose repeatedly. It seems like he is not getting the usual amount of milk out, but I'm not sure? If this continues is there a worry about my supply getting low? Any tips for the congestion?

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    When my dd has RSV (which is a severe cold, congestion and copious amounts of mucus...but it's viral and has to run its course) I had to pump. She could nurse, but not as well of course and wasn't all that hungry because she was swallowing so much mucous. I pumped 2-3 times a day and only had to give her a bottle a few times (this helped because it came out faster so she didn't have to stay at the breast so long when she couldn't breathe well). We got through it and my milk supply stayed normal.

    Also... if you can't pump or don't like to, remember that even if your supply drops a little when your wee one is sick, it will return to normal once she starts to pick up her normal nursing schedule again. HTH

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    Vapor Salve is what we have used for maybe 4 years, at least. (maybe longer)

    I love the stuff during cold season.
    It is so heart breaking to see and hear a baby struggling to nurse because they cannot breathe.

    (scroll to the bottom)

    If Kerry doesn't have any in stock, I also sell it and I know I have some in stock.

    In the mean time (because even Priority shipping takes a few days) you can try to nurse in the bathroom while the shower is running. I have found that steamming up the bathroom can help clear up the nose long enough to nurse.
    If you have Eucalyptus essential oil, you can put a drop in the tub or shower so that the spray of the shower gets the scent up into the air.

    I have stocked my entire bathroom and medicine kit from kerry's Herbals. I can't rave enough about it! LOL

    I hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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