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Thread: Cereal at six weeks...

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    www.mayawrap.com also has instructions to make their slings. It's under "low cost options" on the left side. I made like 3 of them, and bought the rings for it at a local farm/implement store...they have to be heavy duty rings, the website has more info on weight ratings and such for the rings, so do not buy rings from a craft store, they aren't sturdy enough and baby could fall.

    You can also make slings off mayawrap's website that don't use rings.

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    I am seriously considering the cereal for twice a day if he keeps this up..I know six weeks is a growth spurt but I have to tend to the other children and some housework or my dh might think I am lazy!
    I was trying to think of suggestions for you, and I am wondering how old is your oldest child? (that's not in school yet) My oldest is 4 years old, and he helps me around the house. He puts his own dishes in the sink after a meal when I ask him too, he knows how to use a mop/swiffer (even though the job isn't perfect, its much better than before he started), he knows how to use the canister vacuum to vacuum up after meals, since our almost 1 year old is VERY messy when he eats and he loves to do that, he thinks its great fun, and he can wipe off the kitchen table and pick up his own toys and put them in his room and fold towels and washcloths when I do laundry. No, things aren't done the way I would do them, but they are done, and its better than before they were done, and he's learning valuable skills. I would never make him do to much cleaning, as he's very young, but for right now, he thinks its fun to learn how to do it, and he's contributing to the family by helping clean up after himself. I would think that if you have any kids approaching 3, that they could help with small things around the house, and it might be just a bit easier for you.

    I have done this sooooo much with the others I am waiting till he can do it and I can be busy!
    Are you feeling a bit frustrated with breastfeeding another child, or are you just feeling antsy and tired of being confined to the couch with a baby firmly attached to you for the last 6 weeks? I can relate to feeling touched out and antsy both...if you want to talk, were all here for you.

    Like I said... yell if you want but whatever works I am going to use it..
    I totally get that...you have to do what you have to do for you to survive, and to keep ALL your kids healthy and your DH happy... The reservation I have about suggesting cereal or other solids to help your LO not be fussy, is that the cereal probably is taking longer to digest because its harder to digest...which isn't the best thing for baby. There is also such a HUGE risk of choking when you put cereal in a bottle, its scary!!! I'd urge you not to choose this method without at least discussing it with your doctor.

    I am just looking for anything to keep him happy for 30 min at a time, tried swing, bouncy seats, pacifiers and nothing except me...
    The only suggestion I have that you haven't tried, is the sling...or maybe a front carrier if you can find one you like.

    this has been on going for a week now and if he keeps going maybe at least he will be fat!
    I missed this statement when you first posted it...if its only been a week, then I bet it is just a growth spurt. No doubt your LO just needs more BM for awhile. It won't be like this forever, and he won't get fat. It'll all work out, REALLY!!!

    I would suggest that you have a heart to heart with your DH though, and let him know what's going on with the baby, and let him know that you're not just laying around all day eating bon bons...breastfeeding is hard work, and it might help to let him know that, if you're worried he'll think you're lazy. If he does end up thinking you're lazy, my solution is to leave ALL the kids including the baby with him for a few hours...he will no doubt change his mind in a hurry as he'll realize just how much work a newborn adds to your routine. I try to make sure my DH has alone time with all the kids every week...at least once a week, so I can do errands or whatever. It really helps him realize just how much work goes into keeping the house and taking care of the kids.


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