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Thread: Cereal at six weeks...

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    Unhappy Cereal at six weeks...

    Okay before you yell at me at least hear me out...

    My first baby was a very hungry baby and a long nurser so I, being inexperienced was told to give him a little cereal twice a day and this was at 3 weeks.

    After ebf the other four for at least six mos... I am back to another hungry baby! My LO is now six weeks and yesterday I think he might have left the breast for ten min at a time! I gave in and gave him a bottle of bm and cereal at eight which he sucked down and nursed again ten min later.

    I am seriously considering the cereal for twice a day if he keeps this up..I know six weeks is a growth spurt but I have to tend to the other children and some housework or my dh might think I am lazy!

    Any suggestions as to how to just bf and keep him happy while getting a few things done. My LO is just to little to use a sling yet, I have done this sooooo much with the others I am waiting till he can do it and I can be busy!

    Like I said... yell if you want but whatever works I am going to use it.. I am just looking for anything to keep him happy for 30 min at a time, tried swing, bouncy seats, pacifiers and nothing except me... this has been on going for a week now and if he keeps going maybe at least he will be fat!

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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Forgive me, but are you asking a question?

    I am trying to figure out if this warrants an answer or it you're just seeking approval/feedback
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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Quote Originally Posted by macoymom View Post
    I gave in and gave him a bottle of bm and cereal at eight which he sucked down and nursed again ten min later.
    but doesn't what you just said above suggest that the cereal is not going to keep him satisfied any longer than you nursing him?

    the baby really isn't to young for the sling, I had mine in one about that age and I've seen some even younger in them. it may take some getting used to.

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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Maybe check out the babywearing section and see if you can't find a resolution to wearing your baby this early. I think it can be done in a Moby, Maya, or hotsling.
    Do you KNOW he is hungry and not just fussy? Newborns are fussy. You said yourself, that you fed him the bm and cereal and ten minutes later fussy and wanting to eat.
    Do you know for sure you don't have low supply? You might want to get in touch with a LLL Leader. http://www.lalecheleague.org/Webindex.html?m=0,0,2

    I am going to offer what I know about starting solids early. Then you can make your own decision. IMO, if your baby is hungry at 6 weeks, he should be fed bm only.

    First read this, it should say it all to you about Not putting cereal in bottles.
    Rice cereal in bottles?
    Here is the important part. Read the whole article though. It's a good one.
    Most children seemed to thrive. A small number of children, though, did not tolerate the addition, because their sucking and swallowing actions were not yet fully coordinated. They inhaled small amounts of the rice cereal into their lungs, which led to pulmonary problems.

    I’m much more concerned about a subtler issue. Babies are born with a wonderful mechanism for knowing how much food they need. During the early months, they take their cues from the volume of what they drink. Adding cereal derails this mechanism. It forces them to take in deceptively large amounts of calories. It teaches them to overeat.

    By starting with a spoon, resting between bites, and stopping when your child lets you know he’s full, you will be laying an excellent foundation for good eating habits throughout his life.

    A major study looking for the causes of obesity found that short-circuiting young children’s self-regulation of how much they eat is a major cause of later obesity.1 Cereal in the bottle does just that.

    Babies that are fed this way may appear to be unaffected – but those few weeks of added convenience may result in a lifetime of struggles with weight. This common practice may have contributed to our being the most obese generation in history.
    Why Delay Solids
    Solid Foods. Best to Wait.
    Solids? Wait a bit.

    I am in no way yelling. It's your baby. I am trying to help you make an informed choice. Take it or leave it. We all had newborns here and know what you are going through. My DD is still a long nurser and in those early months she would have been completely satisfied to do nothing more than nurse.

    Read this too.
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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mia'sMom View Post
    My DD is still a long nurser and in those early months she would have been completely satisfied to do nothing more than nurse.
    DS was, and still is, the same way.
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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    My baby was the same way - still is, to a certain extent, and he's eight months and eating solids at least once, sometimes twice a day. He loves nursing, would do it for hours. And at six weeks, that's pretty much all we did was nurse. I'd experiment around with the sling, my son loved it at six weeks. Still does - he's sound asleep in it right now. I'd avoid solids if you can - the breastfeeding is what's best for him and you don't want to interfere with that.

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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Mia's Mom had alot of great points, so I'll just add my support to what she said, and offer that I wore my baby in a sling from the point he was a few weeks old. I made my own baby sling from www.mayawrap.com, its a ring sling, and I admit, you do need to lay baby down more, and be very careful that baby has plenty of fresh air and that his face isn't covered by the sling, but it can be done. The website has video instructions on how to wear babies of all sizes, and was a real help to me.

    FWIW, my youngest (I didn't "wear" my oldest son)baby was 7lbs. 12 oz. at birth, so he wasn't really tiny....I would guess he was under 9 lbs when I started wearing him around, so if you had a premature baby...or a very little baby, I can see why that might be an issue for you.

    My youngest ( the one I wore all the time) also had some issues with colic, and one of the only ways to get anything done in the early months WAS to wear him...I used to say that he was only happy when I wore him just like he was a piece of my clothing...firmly attached to me at all times.

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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Frequent feeding is the name of the game in the early months. Babies should never get cereal prior to 4 months minimum, their little digestive tracts are not mature enough. Frequent feeding are the MOST IMPORTANT in the first three months of life. I literally set up a nursing station in my living room and in my bedroom....I was there ALL the time. DS would nurse.sleep..nurse..sleep...nothing else. I miss those days..

    No "yelling" here, but your DH should be helping you so that you can take care of your LO's needs, no way are you lazy. That's just silly.

    In my LLL meeting last week there was a teeny tiny 11 day old baby, in a sling, nursing...so cute
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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    Thanks for all the input! I really do not want to give him any more than bm but as I noticed... I forgot to say that after bf/cereal/bf he does sleep more and it gives me a slight break. I do not have the money to buy one of those slings though I sure wish I did... I would love to have something that would enable me to nurse round the clock and still have my hands free! Any one know of wear I can get a pattern to maybe make me one?

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    Default Re: Cereal at six weeks...

    here is a link for FREE sling patterns.

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