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Thread: breastmilk consumption

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    Question breastmilk consumption

    At what point does a reduction in the amount of breastmilk/day usually start to happen? My DD is 7 months and gets solids once or twice a day, at home I always make sure I nurse her first, but I don't really know how much she takes. My concern is for her daycare days since I am struggling to pump enough, how do I know when to start sending less milk? I am thinking that their consumption is supposed to stay between 24-32 oz/day until about 9 months and then it starts to decrease as the solids increase? Does this sound right?



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    Default Re: breastmilk consumption

    I thought that the amount of breastmilk was supposed to stay the same at least until one year, and the solids should only be extra??

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    Default Re: breastmilk consumption

    I started experiencing dips in supply around the 9 month point, during my pumping sessions. Dd wasn't eating much in the way of solids, but since I wasn't able to keep up with her (I was about 3 ounces short) I did start sending extra solid food. I made sure the extra solids I was sending were packed with good calories and nutrients...whole milk yogurt, avocado, that sort of thing. I felt comfortable doing that because she was very interested in solids and loved eating, and she was still nursing frequently at home. I really didn't want to give her formula. Granted, she's not been a big gainer, but she never was, so I don't attribute it to the increase in solids.

    How much below your lo's intake are you? Are you daycare providers following the guidelines for bottlefeeding the breastfed baby? It is quite possible that they are feeding her too much in the way of breastmilk anyway, as it is easier for a baby to get more from the bottle than they would from the breast. The above link is a great resource to print off and give to them, if you don't think they are.

    While breastmilk should be the only source of nutrition for the first 6 months or so, it should be the primary source for the first year. That doesn't mean that solids can not contribute to their daily nutrition.


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    Default Re: breastmilk consumption

    This info helped me when I was trying to decide how much solids DD should be getting:

    "In the 2005 WABA Publication "Breastfeeding and Family Foods: Loving and
    Healthy" it gives us these human milk calculations for babies from 6 to 23
    months when babies transition from exclusive breastfeeding to solids.

    From 6-8 months of age babies obtain about 70% of their energy needs from human
    From 9-11 months: 55%
    From 12-23 months: 40%

    The complete WABA 2005 action folder is available here, with the references to
    this material also.
    http://www.waba.org.my/wbw/wbw05/wbw2005.html "
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