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Thread: Going out for drinks...how long do I pump??

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    Default Going out for drinks...how long do I pump??

    I am going out for drinks for St. Patty's day (Yeah its my first night out with my husband and my in-laws offered to watch her for 5 hours!!!). How many hours should I pump for after I get home from the pub until I can nurse again and what lenght of time should I pump for (10 min or more)? Also, how many oz should she get in a bottle (she is 5 weeks old on Friday).

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    Default Re: Going out for drinks...how long do I pump??

    Woohoo! A night out! Good for you!

    First off, there isn't really a need to pump and dump. Alcohol filters in and out of your breastmilk as it does in your blood. Plus, baby only gets about 2% of what's in your blood. That's a tiny amount. For the average sized woman, it takes about an hour to metabolize one glass of wine or one beer (longer for harder drinks) so you can use that as a jumping off point. I'm short and light, so I try to allow about 2 hours after drinking. However, I have nursed sooner than that; if you're ok to drive, you're ok to nurse your baby.

    To put your mind totally at ease on that subject, check out this page on Kellymom.com

    As to the amount in the bottles, at 5 weeks I think I'd have several 1 to 2 ounce bottles ready for your absence. That way there isn't any wasted milk when your LO only drinks 1 ounce out of a big ol' bottle. Conversely, if he wants more than the one or two ounces, no problem, there's another bottle ready

    Hope that helps and have a great time!

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    Default Re: Going out for drinks...how long do I pump??

    Great question and response, I have been wondering that myself. My little one is 3 1\2 weeks, and we are planning to go out to dinner for her month birthday (this Wednesday). Thanks for the great info!!

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    Lightbulb Re: Going out for drinks...how long do I pump??

    Its a bit pricey but you can buy a product call Milkscreen.

    It acts like a pregnancy test. You saturate the pad with your milk and if you have any alcohol in your blood, it will change color.

    Isn't technology great?
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