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Thread: snacks...baby-led...poop

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    hi everyone,
    3 topics i'd like to get your help on. my daughter is 7 month old. she's been having solids for the past month; i've been giving her rice cereal and baby jar food. she's enjoying it. i'd like to expand her options a bit. and hopefully start cooking some of her baby food instead of store bought.

    anyhow, first question is, what kind of snacks can i give her. yesterday, my husband and i were munching on chips and she was salivating...poor thing. what can i give her? now for the stupid question, when people say they give cheerios to their kids, what cheerios is this...the one for "big people" - i thought those things had a lot of salt??? besides the "o's", what else can i give?

    i'd also like to do some baby-led but my biggest fear is the choking. where can i find some rules on how big food should be cut/prepared? what to give? also, once i start on baby-led (which i think also means that the baby is feeding herself), does that mean she will be less likely to take food from a spoon that i feed her?

    lastly poop...hey, what comes in must come out...anyhow, what does poop look like once baby starts solids. in the beginning, her poop didn't change much from when she was BM only (liquid solid) much but in the past few days, it's become solid. is this constipation?

    thanks for your feedback.

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    We give dd regular ole adult Cheerios (actually I buy the organic ones). She loves them. She will also eat saltine crackers. The gerber puffs are good and come in lots of flavors. I give her lots of little bites off whatever I'm eating. I just make sure to cut things up into small pieces and make sure that it soft enough to be mashed with her gums (she only has 2 teeth). My ped says that babies this age have a good gag reflex - we've seen it in action too! So hopefully that should prevent choking.

    I like this site about homemade baby food. Some people do this all the time; I don't have much time because work but I try to do some.

    Poop?? My dd's looks just like regular poop. She has had a couple of bouts of constipated - poops started looking like small pebbles and were really hard. But otherwise it's formed, but soft enough to get mushed around inside her diaper.

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