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Thread: Glad I found LLL

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    Default Glad I found LLL

    Hi, I just registered. My name is Jennifer and I'm nursing my 18 month old daughter. I've had alot of questions about nursing a toddler, and didn't know where to go for help. I'm so glad I found this website. I was planning on weaning Madeline at 24 months only because I thought I was suppose to. But I see that I can let her wean herself if I want to. I feel much better now.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jennifer!
    I see our dd's are about the same age. I think you will love this forum!


    Loving mama to JP (DS, 1/03 ~ nursed 6 mos), EL (DD1, 9/05 ~ nursed 4 yrs), EJ (DD2, 3/08 ~ nursed 3 yrs 9 mos), and
    JM (DD3, 6/12 ~ currently nursing), all born naturally
    Devoted wife to SAHD P, my hero
    A few of my favorite things that I've discovered on the forum: co-sleeping, baby-wearing, tandem nursing, baby-led solids, cloth diapering, APing, selective vaccination...the list goes on

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    Default Re: Glad I found LLL

    Glad you found the board. It's a great source of info and support.

    Do you have a local LLL Group? Maybe check that out, as well.

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    Default Re: Glad I found LLL

    This is how I felt about finding my first LLL meeting. I was 2 weeks away from having #2 and really wanting to succeed after having failed so miserably with #1. Next week it will be 8 years since I discovered LLL and I am so glad I did. Because of LLL #2 self-weaned at 25 1/2 months and #3 is 27 months and still nursing. I know if it wasn't for my Leader getting me through those first few weeks with Nicholas, I wouldn't have even tried again with Landon. I swear I called her everyday for the first two weeks. She was so patient with me.

    Look around and see if you can find a meeting IRL. The moms who attend the meetings are so cool. It is great to know you can go spend a couple of hours a month with like-minded moms.

    Welcome to the boards!

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    Default Re: Glad I found LLL

    Welcome! I'm nursing my 18 month old son (I also have a 5 and 3 year old). This is a great place to ask question, tell funny stories, and share your experiences.


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