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Thread: How much?

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    My son (9.5 months) loves to eat with us at the table. When it's foods he likes, he can eat a lot of it. But when should I stop? Once we tried giving him long beans, and he LOVED it so much, he kept asking for more. But we probably gave him too much, because he ended up constipated.

    He also seems to pass out everything that he has eaten the same day and the next. Does that mean he is not getting the nutrients from his food??
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    As far as passing everything through his bowel movements, this is normal! Babies digestive systems are still immature so a lot of what goes in comes right back out!!

    As far as amounts, I'm not sure the answer since I struggle with the same thing! My DD (7 months) LOVES her food and her solids, I know that babies (especially EBF babies) are supposed to self regulate, but I'm pretty sure she would keep eating and eating and eating if given the chance . .. . .I am trying to do more of a baby led approach but I have yet to see her decide she is full (usually I stop giving her more at a point because I know otherwise she gets an upset belly). I always nurse her first, but she seems to have a bottomless stomach!

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