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Thread: A few silly questions.....

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    Question A few silly questions.....

    Hey ladies! A little background before I start with the questions. I am a second time mom, but I was unable to breastfeed my daughter. I had (at the time anyways) flat nipples and she just wouldn't latch. So when my son was born and he latched like a pro, I was overjoyed! We have been nursing for almost 3 1/2 months but I do have some silly questions...

    First, I was wondering how long I need to keep wearing nursing pads. I am not really leaking anymore, but I think at this point I still wear them out of paranoia. I don't want to go out in public and have big wet spots on my shirt. And along those same lines, do many of you still sleep in nursing bras? I have been wearing a bra pretty much 24/7 since I had the baby and "the girls" need a break... lol

    Another question I have is about something I read. I don't know where I read it, but somewhere I saw that breastfeeding moms should NOT go roller skating. Why? Is it because there is the chance of falling? I have been skating for the better part of my life (started going when I was 4 and am a LOT older than that now.. lol) so I rarely fall anymore, if ever. But I have a 2 year old who I want to start taking cause I think she would enjoy it. Well, that and my 10 year old neice has been begging me to take her since my son was born.

    Finally, I was wondering how those of you with older children manage to breastfeed the one and chase after the older one. We are dealing with some jealousy issues right now cause my son LOVES to be held and when he is awake he nurses for comfort. My daughter was used to being the center of attention, but I can't hold her and nurse him at the same time. So she acts up, screams, etc, to get my attention and I feel guilty yelling at her because even though she is doing things she knows she shouldn't, she is only doing it to get noticed cause I am paying attention to the baby. KWIM? It will start to get better here soon cause he is starting to like the swing more and he is ALMOST ready for the jumpy seat. I will be able to put him down more and he has found his fingers and fists to suck on.

    I don't know... It could be the lack of sleep causing my illusions of sanity, but I do know that I LOVE breastfeeding and plan on continuing until HE is ready to be done. (even though my husband says to stop at 6 months... whatever.. lol)

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    Default Re: A few silly questions.....


    If you think your questions are silly, you should see the ones I post!!

    About the nursing pads, I wear them all day since I always get a little leakage from one side when I am nursing or pumping from the other. I haven't figured out how to combine a sleeping bra with middle of the night feedings, so I am no help there.

    About skating I have a bit more to say. My midwife cleared me to play ice hockey after 10 weeks and she knew I was nursing. So roller skating must be ok. Have a blast!

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    Default Re: A few silly questions.....

    Well, I can respond to some of the stuff... about the roller skating, I've never heard this before, but someone else may have heard it...

    As for the bras... have you tried a sleep bra? I found that they work well and it's a lot less confining than a regular nursing bra. Something like this:

    Eventually, you will likely not have to use the nursing pads. I found that the LilyPadz ones are really nice if you want a change of pace with them...

    As far as the older child goes, there are good books out there that might help along the way... For example, Dr. Sears has a good book for kids called "What Babies Need". We have been reading this one over and over with our older child in order to help her get used to the idea of what it will be like when the new baby comes. Preparation is key... but, since your baby is already here, you need to find ways to help your older child adjust, right?

    Have you tried to nurse and read books to your older one at the same time? Or nurse sitting on the floor in order to do things with your older child? Also, consider using a sling. The more you carry your baby, you'll have the free hands to do things with your older child. Also, try to find very specific time, maybe after a nursing session, where your husband can take your newborn for even a half hour and you can then have very special time with your older child, just the two of you...

    It's a juggling act, but it can be done.

    Here's an online article from LLL that can give some more ideas:


    You can do it!


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    Default Re: A few silly questions.....

    Too funny, I asked my friends some of those same questions! Never heard of not roller skating before. We went last week and had a blast!

    I just recently started to sleep w/out my bras (dd is 4.5 mos). Like you, I was wearing them 24/7 and it was getting OLD to say the least! Now that I've stopped leaking so much, I tried it and it feels so much better (weird at first because I was not used to it!). If I do start to leak when she's nursing, I just gently put my arm over my nipple to stop the flow. Happens sometimes, not all the time. I also stopped wearing nursing pads about a month ago I guess. I do the same thing if I start to leak when she is nursing.

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    Default Re: A few silly questions.....

    Well, ds is almost 7 months and I think I stopped using the nursing pads around 5 months. I still have some leakage if he sleeps through the whole night (9+hours) or if I wake up in the middle of the night to feed him and let down starts before I get to him. But as far as leaking during the day I have had NO problems fortunately. Believe me, that was a big fear of mine for the longest too. I stopped sleeping with any bras around 5 months but after a few weeks of sleeping in my reg nursing bra with the underwire, I found a really lightweight cotton one from Target that had no wires or anything else pokey. But sleeping with no bra is the absolute most comfortable, even if it means changing t-shirts in the middle of the night.

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