My son has been having solids since about 6 months. He used to take them ok from me but now whenever I put him in his high chair for lunch or tea, he gets upset and when I try and feed him he takes a couple of mouthfulls and then just wants to make a mess and chuck his food all over the place. If I give him finger foods he will eat a small amount and then throw it onto the floor. I know that mess is all part of learning and I understand this but whenever my mother in law comes over, he eats all of his food with no trouble at all and never makes a fuss! He also eats his breakfast for his daddy with no trouble!

could it be that because I let him have his own spoon and let him try and feed himself that he now won't let me fed him?

My dh usually just feeds him with a spoon and lo doesnt ever try and grab the spoon or want to make a mess.

I don't understand this behaviour and it is really starting to stress me out. I dread mealtimes. Please help!