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Thread: How much milk would baby get vs. the pump?

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    Default How much milk would baby get vs. the pump?

    I understand that since babies are more efficient than a pump, my 2wo would eat more in a session than what I would see when I pump.

    I have to go back to classes soon and I will be missing one feeding session every day. My question is, how much ebm should I plan to have for my sitter to feed him? If I usually pump 3 oz total per session, could I accurately guess that he might need 6 oz? Or would it be more like 4? I just don't want to leave too little milk for him! I'm just having a hard time building up my supply and if I need to have lots more, I want to plan ahead. Thanks!

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    Default Re: How much milk would baby get vs. the pump?

    You will most likely find that 3 oz will be more than enough. It's better to offer ebm in smaller increments so that there is less waste.

    Also, it's important for sitters to know that breastfed babies require less total ounces of breastmilk than they do of formula, and it's important not to *force* baby to finish a bottle.

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    Default Re: How much milk would baby get vs. the pump?

    I've been getting 2-3 oz per pumping session and I leave 2 oz bottles at daycare. I've been surprised at how variable my daughter's needs are - sometimes 4 oz per day, sometimes 12! I'm finding that it does average out, and usually I have more than enough to cover, even though I can rarely pump more than 4-6oz per day at work. I just make sure I leave more than a days worth and check with the sitter to see what she needs for the next day.

    For example, on Monday I try to bring four 2-3oz bottles, or about 10oz total (she has a small freezer supply if she needs it, and I've been trying to go nurse during lunch). I mark 3 of those "Monday" and one "Tuesday."

    Usually, she would use 2 or maybe 3 of the Monday bottles. If she only uses two, I leave the third Monday bottle and the Tuesday bottle for the next day, to be used first. I would only bring one or two "Tuesday" bottles on the next day in that case.

    On a hungry day, she might need all of those, and use the Tuesday bottle. In that case, I would need to send three "Tuesday" bottles and a "Wednesday" bottle the next day. If I didn't have that much left to send, I would need to make the first Tuesday bottle from my freezer supply.

    Fortunately, she rarely has two hungry days in a row, so typically if she uses all four bottles on Monday, she'll only take 2 on Tuesday, so it seems to work out. I stress all week that I won't have enough, but somehow, miraculously, it has worked out every week!

    Oh, I also pump at night and on the weekend at least once each day to try to get a few extra bottles. Sometimes I can only get an ounce at a time, but every little bit counts!

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