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Thread: Broken hearted over cold turkey nursing

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    Default Broken hearted over cold turkey nursing

    Hi, My name is Katie and I am sitting here so confused and broken hearted. My son is 17 months tomorrow and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I have weaned him down to two feedings a day about a month ago. I was going to drop a feeding a week after that but got suck with the 2 last nap to go to sleep nursing. The morning nap and the afternoon nap. He absolutely refuses to nap without nursing. We would lie on my bed and he would nurse to sleep. We used to nurse to sleep and dropped it fairly well. I am having no luck during the day. I tried to skip nursing in the morning the other day and he threw such a fit that after an hour of a tantrum I gave in. That is how my boy has discovered tantrums. He now is throwing tantrums over everything.

    I love this boy but boy am I feeling challenged. I am a stay at home and my husband is home to due to a layoff. He is used to him being home now so there is not a feeling of change. I didn't want to go cold turkey but I don't believe he will let missing a nursing be an option. I am about 2 hours into a no nursing/nap morning and am afraid to nurse him again. In all honesty, he is with my husband now and calm for a moment. He has never cried so hard or for so long over anything before. I am embarrassed to say but I am afraid if I join them he will freak again. Can someone please tell me its OK, or suggestion or ...anything. I feel so lost and alone in this, let alone broken hearted.

    Sorry for the dump but I believe in my heart of all hearts that I am not alone in this.


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    Default Re: Broken hearted over cold turkey nursing

    LLL's recommendation on weaning is that it be done gradually and with love. From your post, I can't tell what you are most upset about -- maybe you could clarify for us? Are you most upset over how the weaning process seems to be going in general?

    Perhaps you might want to re-examine your reasons for weaning. Is it because you are pregnant & feel you must? Have you thought about tandem nursing? The two nursing sessions that you are trying to cut out right now are the most difficult. Would it be possible for you to simply keep those for a while until your son is a bit more willing to give them up? A few good books to read are Adventures in Tandem Nursing and How Weaning Happens -- both are available in the LLL catalog.

    You might find that your son weans himself later on in your pregnancy, all on his own because of the changes in your milk. There is certainly nothing wrong with stopping with this process if you don't feel it's right.

    With that, I'll leave you with a few articles on weaning from LLL:
    How Do I Wean My Baby?
    My toddler is still breastfeeding, mostly at night and first thing in the morning. Should I wean him? If so, how?
    I'm Pregnant and Still Nursing My Toddler--Must I Wean Now?


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