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Thread: Return of mentrual cycles-will it effect my supply?

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    Default Return of mentrual cycles-will it effect my supply?

    Hello, I think my cycle is returning since for the past few days I have had some brownish discharge (sorry if tmi). The weird thing is I am ebf my ds who is almost four months old. He received a few ounces of supplement a few weeks ago through the sns in an effort to improve his weight gain and stimulate production.
    With my dd I supplemented almost from day one and did not get my first postpartum period until 7 months. At five months old I even switched her from the sns full time to bottles and the sns. So this is odd to me that I am ebf my son....he feeds more than 14 times in 24 hours and we cosleep where he eats at the 'all-night buffet' yet I am getting my cycle back already?
    Will this return effect my supply? What else could be happening?
    ANy help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: Return of mentrual cycles-will it effect my supply?

    It's really hard to know if your cycles are returning unless you are checking other fertility signs other than just possible bleeding... It could be that your cycles are returning... It could also just be break-through bleeding that occasionally happens when you haven't ovulated... honestly, unless you are checking your other signs, like cervical fluids and/or position, everyone is going to be guessing, just like you are, if that makes any sense...

    Spotting can happen for any number of reasons... like I said, it could be just breakthrough bleeding which is when the body is just sloughing off some excess in the uterus (without having ovulated)... it could be the return of your cycles... it could be that you're about to be fertile... If you aren't wanting to get PG right now, then I would abstain from any sexual activity for at least 5 days after the last day of the spotting, b/c like I said, it could be that you are about to be fertile...

    As for how it will affect your supply if your cycles are returning, that really varies from woman to woman just like your individual cycles. Some women notice a brief and slight drop in supply during their menstrual cycles and other women notice nothing at all. Some babies notice a difference in the taste of the milk during a menstrual cycle and don't care for it, but are fine with the milk once the bleeding stops for some reason...

    So, ultimately, it's hard to know whether this is just some breakthrough spotting or your cycles actually returning unless you are watching your fertility signs. Sorry... I wish I could be of more help.


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