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Thread: Due in 3 months and lactating already

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    Default Due in 3 months and lactating already

    I know this is kinda odd, and I feel REALLY out of place. But my wife (yes, I am a male posting in the Mom to Mom forum) is lactating already and still has 3 months till her due date. This has me worried, is something wrong? Is something about to go wrong? I searched the net with no luck, my wife told me to look here. Hope I don't cause too much trouble with this, it kinda seems like a women only type forum.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Dads are always welcome. In fact, we love it and think it's very sweet.
    I'll do some searching to see if I can find anything for you.
    You could try contacting your local la leche league leader. Here is the link.
    http://www.llli.org/webindex.html They know all or at least who to ask.

    I did find this that says colostrum is starting to be made about 12 weeks before delivery, but it doesn't say anything about it actually leaking from the breast.
    Pregnancy and Lactation
    The hormones of pregnancy, including estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and others, cause complex changes to occur in the breast. The various hormones each play a specific part in preparing the body for breastfeeding. However, the change that the majority of women notice first can be summed up in one word: enlargement. During the first trimester of pregnancy, the ducts and alveoli in the breast multiply rapidly. The breasts may be tender, and their size increases in preparation for breastfeeding.

    Lactogenesis is the term denoting the origin, or the beginning, of lactation, and it occurs in three stages. Lactogenesis I starts at about 12 weeks before delivery, as the mammary glands begin to secrete colostrum. Breast size increases further as the alveoli become filled with colostrum, but the presence of high levels of the hormone progesterone in the mother's blood inhibits the full production of milk until after birth.
    I will keep looking.
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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Hi Justin,

    Welcome to the board! I hope that you and your wife continue to use this site for any questions or concerns you have! I just want to say that I leaked a fair bit about 2 months before my son was born, and everything turned out great! It's great that her body is producing colustrum already in anticipation of your baby's arrival.

    Good luck with the last trimester!

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    If it helps any I started leaking towards the end of my 5th month of pregnancy. I was told by my grandmother (though I'm not sure the info is correct) that it just meant I'd have milk for my baby.

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Welcome Justin

    You can rest assured that there's nothing wrong. Your wife's body is producing colostrum, which is baby's very first food before her milk comes in. It's quite normal for mothers to start producing it during pregnancy, even to the point of leaking. If she finds the leakage bothersome, she can use some absorbent pads inside her bra. It's definitely an excellent sign that her breasts are functioning properly and gearing up to feed baby!

    Congrats and good luck!

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    I started leaking at the same time, I knew what to expect and knew that it was normal after reading "What to Expect While You're Expecting". Has she checked this out? Congratulations!

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    i started leaking when i was 32 weeks pregnant. and in my 8th month i started feeling a tingle-what i would come to know as a mild let-down reflex when i was around 36 weeks pregnant. my ob/gyn told me that this was normal. i didn't have any problems with it except for having to change my shirt when it happened.

    your wife is very lucky to have such a supportive husband! good luck with the upcoming bundle of joy.

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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Thank you all so much for info. My wife has two kids from a previous relationship, but this is my first. She said that this had never happened with her other two kids. She is also an OB nurse (that just did a La Leche League course for her work), and hadn't heard of this happening this early. That is what made me so worried about it. I was thinking "what if her body is preparing itself for an early delivery?" Thank you all for the help and the warm welcome into your forums. My mind is at ease now :-)
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    Default Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Hello Daddy-O,
    Just for another quick note...I was the same as your wife, my baby girl is now 3 months & I was at work the first time I leaked...I had to run to the store at lunch to buy some thin nursing pads for my bra...and also because it was colostrum, it left a yellowy-stain on my shirt...so I came up with the idea to carry a tide-to-go pen in my purse that way I could clean it up without having to change shirts! (they dry quick).

    Have a great day!

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    Smile Re: Due in 3 months and lactating already

    Hi Justin!!! You just made my day - I love to see a Dad that really cares and seaks out resources like this!! You are welcome here and please make is a habbit of posting and reading post from others. This really is a great place to learn.

    Ok, now to youe question...I started to leak colostrum 3 months before my due date and then it stopped after about a month. I thought for sure I had list my milk because I did not pump or nurse or something. My OB said it would be fine but I wish I had known about the LLL boards to ask others too. Sure enough, my OB was right, my colostrum came back as soon as i gave birth and my breast make plenty of milk (I'm even donating milk b/c I have a little extra each day)!

    A friend sent my DH (dear husband) the best book for new dads (I loved it too)! It is called: The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance by Louis, M.D. Borgenicht, Joe Borgenicht It is by far one of the best books for a dad to be to read! It puts everything in Dad type terms!

    Congrats in advance on your new little bundle of joy!
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