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Thread: Help? My friend is soo stressed!

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    Maybe she should try a nipple shield. Generally, as a Mom struggling to wean her ds from one I wouldn't recomend one but her situation is very intense. For us it was a god send because my nipples were so torn up and i was full of mastitis and clogged ducts, the milk just didn't seem to flow. But now at 4mos ds is still ebf. If she could use it w/ success her confidence would improve so much and the inconvience would be a smal price to pay!

    Maybe w/ your help and a LLL leader she could ask the doctor to give her more time between weight checks. I know from first hand experience that such close checks create a lot of pressure and anxiety niether of which are going to help her bf. Also, I think that you were totally right to tel her to git over it. It is unacceptable for her to refuse to feed the baby, that is not an option. She is lucky to have such a dedicated friend.

    My family will pray for her as well.

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    Update for friend ... She is doing Awsome she is becoming a pro at breastfeeding! Able to latch him right on! And he is more alert and awake and just getting bigger. Even the doctors say he looks great! They stopped the every 2 day visits and moved them to every 7 days!! I am sooo happy she is definately more happy and over most of her fears! I am proud to say she is an awsome " MOMMY " to go through so much and accomplish so much in so little time! Thank you all so much!


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    Jenn SAHM and carseat to

    DD 5 years old , nursed till just shy of 3 yrs old

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    Does your friend have internet access? maybe she would like getting on these message boards too? probably down the road a little when things settle down. i'm sure you've already suggested that.

    You should definitely look up LLL meetings in your area and go with your baby, your friend and her baby. You'll find SO MUCH support there. I think your friend was told it would cost $100 for a lactation consultant to do a home visit. LLL leaders are volunteers who do this for free, out of the goodness of their hearts! And they rock! Sounds like things are going so well which is really awesome but I'm sure she has challenges ahead of her. I go to LLL meetings every month even though everything's going well for us. The women there are so great and it's great to be around other bfing moms!

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