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Thread: 3 months old refuse breastfeeding

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    Default 3 months old refuse breastfeeding

    after a week of returning to work ..i just find out that my baby dont want to suck my nipple everytime i tried to feed her she will cry and when i stop offering my breast she will stop crying but when i offer a bottle she will suck it immediately and she can finish 4 oz.

    i tried the skin to skin contact but unfortunately she dont want it seems she is not comfortable..when she is hungry in the middle of the night i tried to offer again my nipple but when she feels it she resist it

    im soo depressed coz i have lots of milk supply

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    Default Re: 3 months old refuse breastfeeding

    Have you tried catching her before she gets hungry? If you know she eats every 3 hours, try feeding her every 2.5 hours when you are with her. Before feeding her relax yourself as much as possible, think about your milk coming in, and maybe do a little breast massage. She may just be impatient with your letdown.

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    Default Re: 3 months old refuse breastfeeding

    Read through this article: http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/strike.html

    Make sure that the bottle nipples she's using at daycare are slow-flow nipples.
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    Default Re: 3 months old refuse breastfeeding

    I went through the same thing with dd when I first returned to work. I would use a nipple gaurd (because they are silicon like dd's bottle nipples) to get her to latch on and start the milk flow then, right after let down unlatch, remove the nipple gaurd and relatch while milk still flowed pretty easily. After a few days she seemed to realize that if she would suck she would get milk and we got rid of the gaurd.
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