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Thread: constipated and unhappy in general

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    Default constipated and unhappy in general

    For the past week dd (almost 7 months) has been constipated. She has a few small hard BMs a day and has to strain and struggle to get them out. We had started on solids but she got sick and ended up with a very bad yeast infection so we stopped all solids until it gets completely cleared up. So currently she is BF only but is still constpated. I tried givinng her apple juice, she looked at me like I was crazy when I cam e at her with a bottle and screamed when she tasted the applejuice. She has also been very unhappy lately. THings have been sort of crazy, we just moved from a 1 bedroom apt into a 4 bdrm house, and all week I have been out of work because ds has been sick and I kept her home with us too. When she was first born she was like this, didn't want to be held by anyone else or put down and then she seemed to outgrow it and now she goes nuts if I am not holding her and worst when I am holding her all she wants to do is nurse, she doesn't even want to play. When she finally does fall asleep and I unlatch her and try to put her down she wakes up and cries. I don't know what to do. And my nipples are getting blistered because she will suck for a min, pull off, look around and then latch back on. The past week I have been having to let her scream her head off for about an hour so I can get ds fed, washed and put to bed, not to mention I feel like I am neglecting him because of her demands. I can't stop BF, she refuses formula (sub @ DCP mixed up bottles once) and refuses bottle from me all together. She used to suck her thumb when she got upset but doesn't anymore and hardly ever takes a binky. Any help would be appreciated. ( I also use sn AmandaLynn but can't remember p/w and my email is @ work but I won't be until Monday)

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    Default Re: constipated and unhappy in general

    I am SO sorry things are kind of rough for you right now! <<<hugs>>> I hope I can give you some ideas and information that you might find useful.

    First, about the constipation: I am sorry dd is having these troubles. You said it has been going on for a week and that you have stopped all other foods. How long has it been since she has had BM only? You mentioned a time she accidently got formula at the DCP. How long ago was that? Have you mentioned her hard BM's to the ped? Have you had a response? Also, are you taking an iron supplement? Rarely, but it happens, a baby will become constipated from mom taking an iron supplement. When she is struggling you can help her by bicycling her legs gently. Some babies prefer having something to push their feet against when eliminating. Also, some moms have found that gently wiping around the anal opening with a warm washcloth helps stimulate BM's.

    You are right to notice that your general upheaval with the move to the new house could be causing her some fussiness. And since ds has been sick, he has probably needed you more, so that has been tough too! Could you wear dd in a sling, front carrier or backpack while taking care of ds needs? Is there someone who could come and help out-even just to hold dd while you take care of ds needs? It is very common for babies your dd's age to go through this clinginess again, after having experienced it early on. It is sort of a way for them to confirm that you are there for them. Your dd is probably going through lots of her own new stuff right now too-lots of new activities, learning to babble, and she is not feeling well with the constipation. So, of course she goes to you for security and comfort. But it sure is hard when you have another one who needs you too, isn't it? Take heart, lots of us have been there! It will get easier again.

    The "nurse a lot, look a lot" syndrome is also quite common at this age. Some moms find nursing in a dark quiet room is helpful to avoid distractions and all of that "popping off" business. That is NO fun! Also, lots of moms swear by "nursing necklaces". Anything that keeps baby occupied at the breast will work just fine.

    Instead of holding her to nurse to sleep and then laying her down and having her wake up, could you try something else? Lay down with her to nurse. Then when she is asleep *you* get up, instead of *her*. Lots of moms have used this trick successfully. Just make sure you are on a safe sleeping surface, with bed pushed up against the wall, or bed rails. Check this link for safe sleep info:


    I know lots of moms have been there in your situation. It is always hard to find the right balance between the baby and the toddler. Can you have a basket of "special things" that you can get down for ds to play with when it is time for you to sit and nurse dd? He may like settling down on the floor with you if he knows his favorite book/puzzle/toy/etc. is involved. Also, is there anyway you can put dd to sleep first? That way you could have a less-stressful bedtime routine with your ds.

    I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you. I can sense your fatigue with the situation and I hope things improve. Hopefully a few more moms with chime in with things that have worked for them in this situation.

    Hang in there! Easier days are ahead!

    BTW, I am going to move this thread to the Infant forum where I hope you will get more responses.

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