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Thread: Anyone EBF through IVF?

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    Question Anyone EBF through IVF?

    Hello! I'm new to the board. I also posted this to the fertility board, but thought someone here might have some ideas, as well. I have an adorable 9 mo old DS who was conceived by in vitro fertilization. I am 32 yrs old and my doctor encouraged me to try for a second child as soon as I'm ready (through in vitro again). I certainly won't consider it until after ds is one year old. I've read that it's necessary to wean for in vitro to work, but I've also read that it's not necessary to wean. Has anyone been able to continue to BF through in vitro? I don't want to wait too long to start trying again, but I'd also like to BF my ds until he's ready to wean. I don't know if it's relevant, but I express milk for him while I'm at work, but nurse on demand the rest of the time. We co-sleep and he nurses at least four times each night. I haven't had a cycle yet. Do I need to get it back to go through in vitro? Any advice would very helpful!! THANK YOU!!!

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    Hi JmeNYC,

    Congratulations on your ds!

    Here is a link to Thomas Hale’s website/forum (not an LLL site) where he has responded to some questions about fertility drugs. Maybe it will help you think about what to do? As an LLL Leader and not a doctor, I’m certainly not an expert here! It looks like there are a variety of situations – each one of them unique with different drugs, etc.
    You could always use this information here and bring it to your doctor to get his/her thoughts for your situation.

    And here is something from New Beginnings, “When Child-Led Weaning Isn't an Option”


    Hope this helps a little!


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    Default Re: Anyone EBF through IVF?

    Hi, I have just completed an IVF cycle which is the only way I can become pregnant due to damaged tubes and male factor. I am currently six weeks pregnant and I am still nursing my three year old, including at night. I read all of the information provided by Dr. Hale and knew a friend who had also cycled while breastfeeding, she gave birth to healthy full term twins, her cause for IF was a failed reversal of tubal ligation.
    This choice may not be the best for everyone but I am nearly 42 and had other reasons why I could not delay IVF. It was now or never.
    We had embies to freeze from this cycle as well. I produced 18 eggs, 12 out of 15 fertilized and we had five really good looking embies to transfer. We transferred three and froze 2.
    My friend and I both saw the same RE and since he didn't ask, we didn't tell. In my case though he did do surgery on me twice beforehand and it was in my chart for the surgery center. Maybe he knew and never said anything.
    I don't know if you have to wait for AF, in my case it came back at 12 months postpartum and I had two years of irregular cycles.


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    Default Re: Anyone EBF through IVF?

    I posted a reply about this topic in the fertility board. Hope it helps!

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