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Thread: Sleepy baby and fussy feeder

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    Default Sleepy baby and fussy feeder

    Hi guys

    Thank goodness for these forums is all I can say!!!

    My son is 3 weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. His birth weight was 9lbs 12oz and he is now back to 9lbs 9oz from 9lbs 3oz, however, his weight has stayed the same for a week and I am concerned for a few reasons.

    Certain feeds, at random times of day, he really fusses with the nipple. He drinks the foremilk no problem then starts to mess around with the nipple as the feed goes on and I really struggle to get him to drink properly. We have to latch on time and time again. The other problem is that he falls asleep really easily and will not stir sufficiently to feed well and fill himself up which makes him grouchy when he's not feeding and he tends to cry a lot.

    Obviously this means frequent feeds which I am not concerned about plus he has severe reflux for which he's on medication, domperidone and ranitidine, so am wondering whether this is affecting his stomach and feeding pattern.

    I feel so sorry for the little guy and feel like I am failing him which just makes me want to go out and get him some formula to give him a satisfying feed.

    Any ideas??


    I also put a link in to show him off.


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    Default Re: Sleepy baby and fussy feeder

    meds can cause lack of weight gain...
    have you heard of breast compression?
    that can help with weight gain
    heres a good link from kelly moms.

    skip the formula its bad for babies with reflux! I can burn thier little throat!
    dr sears has some great stuff on his web site on fussy babies.
    sometimes it just takes a while to get to know baby!

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    Default Re: Sleepy baby and fussy feeder

    Hi Andrea

    Thanks so much for responding - and the link to the Kellymom website and breast compression info describes my little one exactly and is such a relief to actually be able to find out what's going wrong.

    Thank you so much


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    Default Re: Sleepy baby and fussy feeder

    Wow! Mine is smaller than yours but having same issues.. Dr wants me to give formula but I have refused... I Am trusting he will nurse when he is hungry and I would say what I have been told so far.. .every bf baby gains differently. I Am looking forward to what anyone else says... I could use the advice too

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