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Thread: Reverse Cycling ??

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    Default Reverse Cycling ??

    My DD, Sophia, is 5 months old. I returned to work last week. Previously, she would take a bottle of expressed bm with no problems. My DH is able to stay home with our kids right now, and he said that everyday for the last 4 days, she refused to take a bottle.

    He said she's her normal self all day, takes naps and plays, but never acts hungry. The first 2 days, he decided that she had to be hungry by 1:00, and got her to take the bottle. He said she cried and fussed the entire time she took it. The last 2 days, she clamped her mouth shut, turned her head, and screamed pushing the bottle away as soon as he tried to give it to her.

    I nurse her around 7:15AM, and then she waits until I get home around 4-4:30 to eat. She then nurses very frequently in the evening until bedtime around 8, then wakes 3-4 times to nurse in the night. It's not disrupting my sleep much since we co-sleep, so I just wake enough to switch sides and latch her on.

    I'm just concerned about her lack of eating during the day, though I have realized it's like "sleeping thru the night" {which she used to do, 10 hours or so until recently} just during the day. Her diaper output is fine and she's happy--as much as she can be since her 2nd tooth is coming in.

    Should we try to get her to take milk from a sippy cup? DH thought maybe we should start solids since she shows a lot of interest in food and tries to take ours, but I'm not sure. He thinks that will help her get something in her atleast during the day.

    So far today, she's on her regular nursing pattern, but I wonder if when I go back to work in a few days if she'll go back to her reverse cycle.

    Any tips, wisdom, or "I've been there" 's will be sooooo appreciated!

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    Default Re: Reverse Cycling ??

    You are right-babies do this all the time! You have a smart dd who knows how to wait and then get all of her milk from you when you are there. If this schedule works for you, she is happy, healthy, with good bms and wet diapers, then don't worry! As far as solids, if she shows signs of readiness, then feel free to start around the 6-month age. She will have fun experimenting, but your milk is most important still and should be her first sourch of nutrition! Good luck to you!


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    i totally agree, if she is fine then don't worry about it. if she gets hungry, she will eat. and sometimes in between growing spurts there are less-sleep spurts and less-appetite spurts, but if she is eating when she is hungry and is doing great otherwise, then it's ok.
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    My DD did the same thing around the same age when I started back to work. One thing I noticed made a difference was fresh vs. frozen milk. After I had pumped at work and given her fresh milk instead of the frozen I had been giving her (I was freezing my fresh milk too and giving her an older batch of frozen milk every day to keep the stockpile up to date), she started eating for the sitter. Still not as much as she would normally eat if she were nursing, but at least a little here and there. But, like yours, she started eating more all night long. She's now almost 8 MO and loves to eat her "real food," though even that she eats more when I feed her vs. my husband or the sitter.

    Sounds like yours is just fine, but it can't hurt to try and get the sippy cup introduced. We've been trying with our DD for a month or so. I took out the little insert that keeps the liquid from dripping, so she can just lift it and get some water without having to work for it. She still prefers if someone just holds a real cup for her and lets her sip from it. Lucky me!

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