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Thread: Flying with 9 week old - update and tips

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    Smile Flying with 9 week old - update and tips

    We are back from our first family trip to Florida, and thanks to the many tips I received on this thread, I am happy to say that Maya's first plane ride was a total success!

    She was a little uncomfortable landing on the way there, but I nursed her and she calmed right down. Since we were flying Southwest and would be able to pre-board and get any seat we wanted, we followed a tip somebody gave me on this board and brought the carseat along just in case. Luckily there was plenty of room on both flights and we were able to strap her into the car seat next to us. This was awesome because, not only is it more safe, but it saved us from having to hold her the entire time and she was very comfortable sleeping in her familiar seat.

    Here are some tips I'll pass along for anyone else planning a flight with newborn baby:
    1. Bring TWO extra changes of clothes and a zip-loc bag for dirties. Maya had a blow out that got on outfit #1 and the flight attendant was nice enough to bring us club soda to wash it with. Then I just stuck it in the zip-loc and moved on to outfit #2!
    2. Bring a paci. Even if your baby doesn't normally take it, she might like something in her mouth when she's strapped in her car seat.
    3. Bring the car seat in case they let you bring it on. If not, you can always check it at the gate and then you're guaranteed that it will get there safely.
    4. Bring the stroller through the airport! We did not bring a stroller and that was a big mistake. We carried her through in the Baby Bjorn and we were totally sweaty and exhausted by the time we got on the plane. It would have been so much easier to have kept her in her carseat popped into the stroller and then check the stroller at the gate and carry the carseat (with base) right on the plane.
    5. Buy plenty of water for yourself once you get past security! You'll get thirsty if there is no beverage service.

    Thanks again for all the tips everybody sent! We can't wait to travel again

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    Default Re: Flying with 9 week old - update and tips

    Thanks for the tips...we're planning on taking a trip in a couple months...Our baby will be 4 months by then, but I've still been worrying about it. I'm glad everything worked out so well for you!

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    Default Re: Flying with 9 week old - update and tips

    I cannot agree more with your tips! We just landed last night...er I guess this morning on our return flight from Cleveland with our 6 wk old son. I do wish the seats were bigger though... baby on your lap for 4.5 hours cramped in the spaceless seats is NOT enjoyable thats for sure!

    I guess in a way we were lucky our LO has a small cold and took cold meds. Our total trip was 9hrs on 2 diff flights with a layover

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