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    I woke up this morning and my left breast (outside lower edge and bottom) is sore. No signs of a clogged milk duct and no fever/malaise...etc to suggest mastitis. I fed my DS (1 year in a few days) on that side this morning and pumped as well a few hours afterwards. I got 1oz which is pretty typical. I can't feel any hard lumps either. I did notice when I was pumping and pressing the shield up against my breast (sometimes I can get a little more this way) that it made it more sore. I plan on pumping 2 more times today, and I usually feed DS on that side when I pick him up at daycare. Any ideas??

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    I think I would treat it as if it were a plugged duct/mild mastitis even though you don't feel a lump. Apply heat, gentle massage, and try to keep the breast as empty as possible through nursing or pumping. If it doesn't start to feel better in a day or so, or if you start to get flu-like symptoms, then I'd call the doctor.

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