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    I was bathing my LO every day, but she started to get dry skin on her elbows, so I lessened it to every other day or sometimes even every two days. But I was using soap every time, so maybe that's why. I think the water could possibly have something to do with it too, because the warmer the water is, the more moisture robbing ability it has, I don't know if that's because of sweating. But then the temperature a baby needs for safety is probably not warm enough to cause any dehydration. I'm rambling! Anyways, you should be fine doing it every day, but that depends on the baby, the temperature, the soap, etc. You could start doing it every day with soap if you want, then eliminate the soap if it causes problems. I just don't bathe her every day anymore, but I freshen her up on her face & butt, and in all the creases and fat rolls, with a baby wipe. Good luck with your endeavors!

    Quote Originally Posted by I-Man's Momma View Post
    I remember looking forward to bath time to I could actually do something with my son (other than feed him, of course.)
    I know exactly what you mean! A lot of the time, though generally kept busy, I feel like we're not DOING anything. I try to play with her and stuff like that but I can't do it for hours at a time.

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    We bathe our DS every night, usually with the 'nightime' wash by Johnsons or the Lavender bath by gerber, just in the water as a 'bubble bath' only use acutal baby wash on him every other day though. We also make sure to lotion him up after his bath, which may be why he doesn't get dry skin.

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    My baby was having a problem with dry skin so we now mix baby oil with the bath water. Its working great. She gets a bath every day and doesn't have anymore dry skin problems.

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    I bathe DD every night before Bed. I never use soao (i mean she cant be that dirty) and I also follow with a massage with lotion. Ive heard that water then lotion actually helps trap the moisture in!
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