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Thread: Nipple sore, maybe from teeth?

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    Default Nipple sore, maybe from teeth?

    My right nipple is sore during and after feeding my 13.5 month old. It's really only on the outside of the nipple- the side toward my armpit. The other side of it is fine. It does not look or feel like a yeast infection. I think her upper teeth are scraping it. There even seems to be a little abrasion there, although it's subtle.

    Any advice? We have been doing the cradle hold since she was just a few months old, but I suppose I can try the football to move her upper teeth to the other side. My left nipple feels fine.

    Anyone else had this?

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    Default Re: Nipple sore, maybe from teeth?


    When my DS has a tooth coming in he changes his latch. I call him "mr. pinchy" at those times, and it is usually about a week before I see the tooth itself. (His teeth come in VERY slowly.) It tends to be worse on the left side, and I just move him around until I feel more comfortable. It goes away eventually. (Only to return with the next tooth...)

    Sorry I have no actual advice!

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    Default Re: Nipple sore, maybe from teeth?

    I get the same thing you describe. I can actually see an indentation sometimes- even subtly. From her teeth. I find the best thing is to just wait it out...I know it sounds like a bad answer but I find for me, it goes away. I have tried different positions, but it doesn't really help. One thing I have heard helping other women is to make sure their LO is latched properly, as we can get lazy about this when our babies are older. Make sure your LO's mouth is open wide enough. I find that it's over in a few days...until the next tooth. Maybe some of the other suggestions I mentioned will help you, though. I hopr you find a solution!

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