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Thread: BFing After C-Section

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    I have had two c-sections and two completely different experiences (two different hospitals).

    Find out what the hospital policy is on where baby goes after it is born. With my last c-section my daughter stayed with me the whole time. In the OR hubby was with her as they took her vitals and cleaned her up a little bit as I was being stitched up. Then in recovery she stayed with us and the nurse helped get her latched (this within the first hour).

    The only time she left me was to get her first bath. This is normally done in the recovery room, but something was wrong with the sink. So hubby went with her and the nurse to another recovery room. Gave her a bath and brought her back to me which took less than 5 minutes. This is when we got her latched. She then stayed with me in our room...Then she got jaundice...whole different thread. LOL

    Oh and I did get flat nipples (normally they aren't...but did because of the fluids they give you during surgery) so with the help of the LC we got a nipple shield. I only used that a couple of times. Then my nipples went back to normal.

    I had her 5:30 Monday night and my milk came in on Thursday.

    Now with my son I had him in another hospital. After he was born I didn't see him for 3 hours. This was the hospital policy. They took him (with my husband) to the nursery and did all his testing there. So it was 3 hours before we could get him latched. Which turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare.

    The hospital had terrible LC support and none of the nurses were of any help. Needless to say I developed PPD and ended up pumping for him for a year. I never could get him to latch even after having an LLL lady come to my house. She was of no help and I was too upset and depressed to seek further help.

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    I've had two c-section and was able to BF successfully with both despite not seeing my babies for the first few hours after delivery. With my first one, I supplemented while at the hospital because I just didn't know any better. But with the second one, I made it a point to let everyone know that he was only going to have breastmilk only so I was able to do so with rooming-in. Only time I had to give him a bottle was when his pedia told me that he lost too much weight on the 3rd day and that he highly recommended that I give him some formula. After much hesitation, I gave in and he had a little bit of formula that night. My milk came in a few hours after and he has since been on BM only. I think that with both kids, my milk came in on day 4.

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    I had a c-section and nursed as soon as possible. My milk came in very quickly. After only about 1 and 1/2 days! I'm sorry that you've had a scare! Don't worry, you can breastfeed just as easily as someone who has a vaginal delivery! Good luck!

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